Sunday, August 11

Crafting Time

The last few months (since we were in Mauritius in May actually) has been a bit of a creative drought - I just haven't felt like doing anything.  My classes have stopped and my sales outlet is closed for the summer bar one day a week.  I have tried all sorts and I am not really sure why I am feeling so overwhelmed by it all.  I have lots of ideas and desire to craft but just can't quite get down to it at the moment.

We (Cait and I ) went to the Great British Craft Festival at Stonleigh which is only down the road from us so it would have been rude not to, well the NEC is close as well but they charge you £10 to just park the car!!! At least at this one that was free albeit in a field and a way from the show.  Thank goodness it didn't rain is all I am saying - although it was threatening a shower it never materialised.  We had a good day and the free make and take sessions were great, although I like to see these out in the hall if I am honest and on the actual stalls - you get far more variety.  The stalls as usual were crammed with stuff and if I am honest there was an awful lot of the same stuff on stalls which wasn't very inspiring.  I didn't see anything that really grabbed me and it was all pretty mainstream.  I bought a few stamps from Inky Doodles and also a Woodware Christmas Owl but other than that a few bobs for making some rings and a small cloud die, glue and that was it.  Gone are the days of a couple of hundred in the show - that was some time back though when there were fewer internet and physical shops and you really looked forward to the show for access. 

It was nice to get out and look at what was popular or not and see that yes there are still plenty of crafters out there though.  You do sometimes wonder!!

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