Saturday, August 3

We're all going to the Zoo tomorrow

Well we went on Thursday actually - hottest day of the year!!  It was humming - so MANY people in one place.  Never seen anything like it.  Lots of animals in hiding.  At one point my sister asked "Who shot all the lions" as they were lying down fully and didn't look like they would be moving anytime soon!

It was an exhausting day as we were there at 10 and left just after 3, Cait and her Cousin had a wonderful time and loved just running from one enclosure to another seeing what they could see.  They loved watching the elephants getting a jet wash, and the aquarium was another favourite despite the temperature in there.  Very cute baby monkey and family, baby elephants but no sign of the baby rhino.

I drove back down immediately after and paid the price the next day so just had a lazy day pretty much just doing sitting down things before going out for a Thai meal which John and I enjoyed as Cait won't really eat that so we tend not to go with her.

John wants to go back on our diet so will have to sort the books out and get reading again to reinspire me - I won't be doing the killer dettox I don't think this time, although shouldn't be so bad as I have not gone back onto chocolate since we stopped the diet - not in the same way as before anyway. 

Its a lovely morning out there I watched the sunrise and I can now see the chickens making a feast of the beasties in the grass as I speak.  We have a pletherer of eggs as well s maybe frittata for tea or similar... or maybe some cakes before the diet begins... ha we shall see.

Mostly though I will be doing some work on the accounts...


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