Friday, July 15

Times they Change

I know I only now have a few subscribers and really it is years since I was blogging with any sort of consistency but I still miss it - I used to blog daily when Cait was small and now she is off to Secondary - I have loved the whole time with all its ups and downs so far. 

How we earn money has changed significantly from the days of two good salaries and we survive - just scraping through some months and often on a hairy edge but its OK, the business has its ups and downs but generally it provides a good one person salary although we are stretching it to two currently!!  This may change soon.  There is an opportunity for me but I need to push hard for it to be realised when we want it to happen.  But I am good at that, well I am now!!

I still craft - I still did fairs until about 12 months ago and dabbled on and off for a few months but then put it all to one side as J started working away more and more and I struggled physically with shifting stuff and tables etc it was all just too much for me.  Things have improved healthwise but I am still struggling somewhat and really still need to loose weight and eat more healthily than I do - sugar and carbs are my bete noire!

I miss crafting ALOT and still dabble but in a wider range of things - knitting, crochet, stamping, fabric and sewing seem to be the main ones but I get a finger into all sorts.  Curtains have been a feature in recent months and still some more to do for living area.  I have enjoyed a bit of no pressure crafting so that is always a positive.

Our woofer is new since last blogging - something else to eat time, walking the dog and I enjoy a reason to walk in different areas and get out in all weathers - although I am still not keen on torrential rain.  It has helped with fitness levels though.

Here is the gratuitous picture of the nearly 11 yr old

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