Tuesday, July 21

Future Demo or a hairdresser.....

To post more - doesn't always go to plan. However I have figured out that in these school holidays I am still up at 7 but the rest of the family isn't so I get a bit of time to myself so hopefully that will become blogging time - the light is OK for Photies as well so you may get even more lucky!!!

I thought I would share a piccie of an upcoming demo - she needs to wait till she is 18 and left home though unfortunately - lol
Do you like the "hair do" as well!!!! She is a scream - she has to have my scrubbie thing as she calls it to hand to clean up with. I can't get over how grown up she is - this was last month and she will be 4 in August off to School in September....eeek

Here was the resulting card...

All signed as well!



My Little Space said...

What a fantastic card.......and love the hair !!!


Traceyr said...

Move over Tim Holtz - a new girl is on the block. :)

Great stamping.