Wednesday, December 31

Interuption to Service

Happened without thinking about it really - no brain space to do more than think about blogging, way too much else going on as usual. But I have had a relatively quiet holiday so have caught up on some R&R and was spared the Christmas Cook Out as Hubby did all that and the shopping and thinking which was actually fabulous - in fact he has mainly cooked this holiday from start to finish for which I am grateful - it is my one BIG bug bear of ordinary life cooking - I can't get my head around spending alot of time on it and as a result its never very inspiring for me. I certainly don't feel creative with it that's for sure.

I will be trying to come up with some more recipes for the new year rather than our bog standard ones which we just seem to reiterate the whole time. Having an Aga now "Stew" features way too much for my liking but hubby likes it!

I managed to make around 350 Christmas cards which is quite an achievement but although I managed to make write and send the lot (with bank loan I hasten to add even with second class) I never photoed them so nothing to show really. Crafting this last month has been of necessity - even in this down time I have got some bits out to make some upcoming birthday cards but nothing much is being shuffled around on that front, not even with the new stuff I ordered before Christmas.

Work has been shall we say "interesting" I haven't been doing my normal run of the mill stuff but some other stuff and am now fully Programme Managed and trying to implement it - but finding myself feeling just generally vulnerable about the whole thing - I just think its a bit of a dogs dinner and a little too organic in its development for me - I am such a control freak! The thoery bit is fine - its the implementation within the organisation I am struggling with a bit - although it is fair to say there are people struggling more that me!!! Hence the difficulties - rofl.

I think I shall be reprioritising things in early Jan to try to fight my way out of the daily trudge to lose some weight and get more exercise, difficult with the daily running of Cait to CM, Nursery and frequent runs to London which take up time. Oh on top of a small home business of course!

Goodness knows why I am so awake at this hour at the moment - I think I will pay for it later but quite enjoy this quiet time to myself without someone going "Rachel" "Mummy" or frnakly just Oy! Maybe that should be part of my life reshedule - early mornings and early this space.



Lavender Rose said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY RACHEL! Oh my, you did make a LOT of Christmas cards and I was lucky enough to receive one of's lovely, thanks so much. All the best for 2009, Denise x

Sarah said...

Happy New Year Rachel! I popped your card on my blog, thank you xx I hope 2009 will be a good year for you.