Tuesday, April 8

Fold it over

Well this weeks little extra was folded up to squeeze in - lol. I used the Dahlia fold - same as Michelle but with a scalloped punch and as flower buds rather than as a round. I also used the Mixed Bouquet set from Stampin' Up! to create the background detail and then tied off with a bit of Punpkin Pie ribbon (What a lovely name for orange) .
Busy again this weekend and we actually started with the boxes so they are multiplying - although probably not fast enough but there you go - we will get there!



Jackie said...

love this card Rachel.
Thanks for your comments :)

manicstamper said...

I love the dahlia fold but have only ever seen it as a full round. Your version looks absolutely gorgeous.

ROFL at your feedback from ebay....judging by the number of limbs I regularly have to dispose of....it could well have been our dog.

Helen & Co. said...

A brilliant card! - really love those flowers