Sunday, December 9

Laughing Cait

Well you haven't had any Cait piccies for a while so thought I wold upload a couple of recent ones as she has come on leaps and bounds since the last piccies. Although at the moment this is what happens every time I pick the camera up - she joins in. We keep ours on the desk by the computer ready to plug in and download and the other day - lo I found hers sat next to ours which was very funny.

This is Cait eating her first eclair cream cake. Can you see the glazed sugar loaded look......
See what I mean about the Camera.... This is her latest game which is making a long line of toys - today she included her Iggle Piggle boat (cardboard box) so I put her in it and we were pretending she was a train.

A much better photo - do you think she is taking the mickey!! Just before this shot I just said "do laughing again" so she did!

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Stampingcaz said...

aww bless her! Is she a little redhead too? As you know I have two of them!