Sunday, November 18


Well sort of - I went to bed early so when Cait woke at 4.20 for more medicine I can't get back to sleep - still tired but had my fill for now so doing what they recommend - getting up and hot drink (Choccie) and will probably get another couple of hours on the sofa in a bit. I quite like having some of the wee small hours to myself - peace and quite, a feeling that there are only a few of us awake in the country around me etc.

Haven't been doing alot of crafting but being doing alot of doing, sorting things out, freecycling, clearing out basically. Have plans to get rid of some of Caits toys that she has outgrown ready for the Christmas mountain that I am sure will ensue! Also tidying up means I can decorate nicely for Christmas instead of just popping a few things up to "look" more festive.

Have being having a good tidy in the craft room - having taken quite a lot of stuff to the craft fair there was room to pretend to swing a probably smaller than a cat small furry creature so I got to it and moved a few things around so have some more useable space. Am planning a bit more of a change around to draft proof the window and make sure space for Stampin' Up! stuff which I need to keep separate from the main craft supplies.

Yes that means I have been and gorn and done it and signed up - need to get my skates on and get a few things organised now to kick start some parties. I am sure once you have done 3 or 4 that things will come together but it is that leap isn't it. Also means I probably need to kick start a local group of crafters so more things to think about.

If things do work out reasonably I might even think about going down a couple of days at work to 3 days as Johns has some other plans up his sleeve again (might big sleeve this as he has all sorts up there) that involves him setting up a small business with 2 freelancing colleagues and this will involve the need for some Management & Admin for them as well as product development stuff for some ideas he has. This will mean putting any Mill & Power ideas on hold for a couple of years whilst things get going and we know what our capital needs are. So that could be big changes.

Cait has another 9 months before her free nursery place and another year before school, possibly more so also thinking about all the things around that a bit. She is a bright little thing but an August baby like me, so on the one hand you don't want her to be pushed to grow up too soon but on the other want to make sure that she has enough to keep her occupied/stretch her. She is also very dexterous so I sure she will be crafting seriously soon. She made me laugh last night sitting in bed with me reading Stampers Samplers and me pointing out what all the supplies were called and her trying to say them! Needless to say J just rolled his eyes......

Enough early ramblings - off to surf for a bit.


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Hazel said...

You've obviously been busy in all sorts of ways, Rachel - and contemplating changes, especially Stamping Up.