Monday, September 3

Just not in the right frame of mind

at the moment for anything much - not sure what is going on. The only positive is my blood pressure is right down and FINALLY the SPD I have suffered since Cait arrived has subsided considerably bar a few days around that time of the month time. Phewwweeeeeeeeeeee is all I am saying.

I just made a bunch of thank you cards which I need to now write and send off and will feel like the "duty " cards have been done. Then to sort the Sept Birthdays list and I can be as free as a bird - lol.

I am more and more being tempted by a cuttle bug - would then get rid of the tagalong and would be able to use the CB to emboss more........hmmmmmmm I just really like their embossing templates thats all. We shall see. gotta try and find one at the right price. What I really need is time to myself int he craft room with out pesky people around. Should get up there now but not inspired tonight - Mojo is kinda missing really - will get the other jobs outta the way and maybe clean the bathroom so I don't feel a totally wasted evening!


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