Tuesday, September 4

How exciting

Well after being fed up yesterday I wasn't doing much better today until I ordered myself some goodies from cutting edge - a few cuttlebug folders which I can apparently use in my pasta machine (bought for FIMO purposes you understand) so am going to give it a go! the smaller ones I believe I can use in the sidekick wotsit that I have anyway but it was some of the bigger ones I liked. Then I logged on to JB and checked out the blogs and I won some blog candy -I can't believe how excited I am - lol I WON SOMETHING - so thanks to Tracy
I am now waiting excitedly for my TWO parcels from the postie - woooohoooooooooo.

Piccie is me and Cait in a friends Kitchen when we went away the other weekend. Part of my fedupness is due to my weight at the moment which is a bit out of control - and I don't really know how to start to reverse the process - its all just feeling a bit too much to think about at the moment! Just watched cook yourself thin and might go and see if I can use some of their recipes to help me out a bit.

I just noticed this is post 200 - wow - how did that happen!

Will have to do my own blogcandy soon....watch this space



Hazel said...

That is a smashing photo of you and Cait, Rachel. Congrats on winning the blog candy (I got some the other day from Chris and was so excited) - and you'll love the cuttlebug embossing folders (played with some of mine last night). As for the weight, I've piled it on over the last couple of years because of circumstances, but have been trying to lose some of it - it's really not easy is it

Dollydimps said...

Definite wooohoooo for the CB folders! I lobe them too.
That's a great pic of you and Cait-she's growing up far too fast!
I so know what you're saying about the weight thing, but it WILL come right quite easily when the time's right for it to happen xxx