Friday, August 3

Friday - huzzah

As the posh folk say :-)

Well we have had a long week this week as Cait is being a sleep minx or should that be a no-sleep minx. Hopefully I can calm her down a bit over the weekend and we can get things sorted out.

John has an OU assignment to do this we as well so not sure what I am going to do with myself yet - or mooch come to that.

Here is Cait in her new bed - not that she is ever in it longer than about three seconds but she is starting to get the idea. Her room is somewhat crowded at the moment with a double bed a double hanging wardrobe a kids wardrobe her bed and a cot!!! Just about room to squeeze past things but it is a bit silly!

I do need to do a major clean this weekend and a flipping good hoover/vacuum as everywhere is dusty again. I get away with surprisingly little on this front but it still needs doing good and proper every three weeks.

Definitely have that Friday feeling today - already eaten the (choccy) hobnobs with my breakfast tea!


So Sonya said...

awwww how cute

Paula said...

Awww what cute pics. Hope she likes her new bed