Wednesday, August 1


I have finally sold my little car that has been hanging around like a spare part for TWO YEARS how ridiculous is that. Admittedly it was up at my parents place for a while - around 10 months or so but really I ought to have pulled my finger out earlier - just too much life going on. My neighbour drowned his car in the floods so was looking for something smaller that could finally be passed to his Son who is learning to drive at the mo. Hopefully nothing major will go wrong with it once it starts being used properly!!! I will have to go for one last drive in it before it goes though! Sorry the piccies a bit blurry - will see if I can find another....

Should also say we might now look at upgrading our current vehicle - the van - how I hate it for what it is but how I love that we had to buy it - more room for Cait and her crap!!! Lol


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Natty said...

That's really pretty. :o)