Monday, April 30

And Finally....for now

A little little book for Shimmelle's class. I like this girl she has a wonderful obsession with cupcakes and crafting, so I had fun doing this one. Then another class using up lots of scrapps and bits for the artist - I had a great series of photos of Cait colouring in - she just LOVES it - so I think I will have a crafting partner in the future! Just can't wait.

My sister phoned and Cait has enjoyed her little holiday and has been as good as gold for them. She and her cousin have had them all in hysterics dancing, trying to work out how to turn the telly on, running around and generally being nearly two year olds! I would have loved t have been there too but a girl can only be in one place at a time and frankly - I enjoyed my little holiday as well!!!

I did miss out a number of classes - generally a bit more complicated ones, but am hoping to do a few over the next week or so.


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