Monday, April 30

and ON

These first two are actually scraps of me! I wondered where Cait got her attitude from ..... Isn't the red one a great piccie!!! I must get these photo's off Dad and try and repair them myself - he paid to have them all scanned in but personally I think they did an appalling job! I think he thought so too in fact I am not sure he paid them in the end as it was so bad. I haven't really got into repairing photos but it might be a skill worth developing. I just love the one with the Camera - I do actually remember playing with Dad's camera alot - and this is a rare photo of it - as obviously he used to be taking the photos - this one I think was taken by a neighbour or possibly my Uncle Joe/Gran on Dad's side as they visited alot when we lived up there. Last one is my lovely Daffodils photo - well strictly speaking they aren't Daffs but who would know! We did this one as a tweedle dee and dum swap scrap - we used the same photie and gave each other a quote to use. I did this in about 5 minutes flat and absolutely love the result - really suits the piccie.

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