Tuesday, March 20

Wot a day

Why me - most people have boring mundane lives - they drop kids at childminder, go to work come home pick kids up - I would love my life to be like that - but no every other day there is some drama or other around Childminder, sick children, needing cover, important meetings that can't be missed etc etc etc. My Normal Childminder has buggered off to Aus for 3 weeks for a start - then I have replacement lady CM, very nice - I knew her from one of the playgroups we went to when Cait was smaller, anyway she has a little one - Joe - he wasn't too good, in fact I persuaded her to call me if she thought he was still going to be poorly today but she didn't so I assuming all was well trundle off this morning at 10 to 9 with Cait in tow. Get to her house in car and there is this funny gurgling behind me - Cait has thrown up everywhere - so cream cheese all over Cait (I mean completely) all over her chair and half the car too - great - that means she can't stay with CM. So out I get and ring the doorbell and we sort out Cait and Car and I say - well I best take her home and go from there, during this time I realise Joe still isn't well, but she never phoned me to say so! ANYWAY I get home and sort Cait out, pop her into bed as she is looking like she will sleep (which she didn't in the end) - and get on with sorting things out - end up calling my Mum (plan D) as she can't go to my other friend as she has been sick (Normally anything goes except Sickness and Diorhea with looking after kids) so M&D do an emergency run from about an hour or so away and Mum stays for Cait - Cait is now as pleased as punch and running round squealing and demanding baked beans and toast (pretty impressive as she can't talk - except Caitlish which we DO NOT understand and have yet to find an appropriate language course for) . So I get to my very boring meeting with VIP Trustee of the place I work for and feel guilty for taking 45 mins out at the end of the day to go and have a crafty (in more ways than one) spend at LB Crafts and I am home for 4.45pm to pick up emails and dole out Mummy hugs!

Just another ordinary day in the life of a Mum trying to work full time in a job that often feels bigger than me, if the money weren't so good blah blah blah.

Enough already.

I do have some CJ piccies for you when I can get in the mood for uploading them - no patience left in me for today.


H said...

Sounds like a normal day to me :) :)
It looks like the shop will be opening the day the girls break up for 2 weeks (typical)

Linda said...

oh Rachel sounds like my kind of life lol

Hope everyone is feeling better

Linda x