Thursday, November 23

Bit more CJ

Well I can't actually publish MY pages yet but here is some more taster...

The paper is actually gift wrap from paperchase but I just love it. Blogger is messing with my head in terms of getting the pictures in any sort of order - really annoying but hey ho.

I sent Cait off to the Child Minder this morning adn she was in much better spirits although still quite poorly - she is just full of cold which caused her to be sick rather than having any sickness and Stuff so will be trying hard to get lots of work done after this blog just in case she has to come home later on earlier than expected.

At least John is coming home most night this week as he is at Footie on Sat so will stay in London on Friday night. At least that is the plan at the moment.

Not had any time for crafting rally last few days which is a bit frustrating but I have an order from CBC due in and can finish off some scrap pages for Granny Agnes that I have started and needed some little bits for I have about 3 more double layouts to do for her little scrap book to bring it up to date - then got to start on the other 7 I did last year. Remind me why i did this again...

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Maisymary's Findings said...

Hello from Singapore !

I enjoyed looking at your work on your blog very much !

Thanks for showing !

ttn, Pearl