Monday, September 25

Getting organised

Well I am really pleased we have been playing musical furniture upstairs over the weekend and paid a visit to IKEA. We now have a work desk in our bedroom and a work book case, a new storage unit in the craft room with lots of draws which I have already started to fill up - bearing in mind little fingers and teeth and the damage they can do to things.....I still have a great deal of moving shifting and squishing craft things into that room but I am getting there - I would be able to swing a small kitten - if I did that sort of thing.

Caits room has been physically moved around and we need to now build her new wardrobe and then stain it and pack it out with her stuff - she has some new floor mats from IKEA - rather wacky but cheap!!! It was great last night being able to play with her in there and sit on the floor reading her books and things - there was a lot of wasted space before - it will be even better when the wardrobes done and the crafty stuff shifted next door. I have some more stuff for sale so need to sort that as well. It is not a co-ordinated room but it is bright and cheerful which is the main thing and about all you can do in rented.

And good news my friend who I did the wedding invites for deposited a nice fat cheque in my account - 3 times what I asked for and it is enough for a CRAFT ROBO!!!!!!!!! although now I am thinking - upgrade to a Pro - lolololol what am I like. So looking to that over the next few weeks - I may download the software first and and see how I get on with it as it would be too frustrating to spend all that money and not be able to use it properly.

Full of cold as well at the moment - hoping this is the last day of feeling really rough as OH is feeling bettter today. I must go and take some tablets and see if that helps at all.


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Debbie said...

Sounds like you are really getting organised :-) Hope the cold doesn't linger for too long.