Thursday, September 21

Another Interview

Whooo whooo another one! Quite pleased that is a 100% hit rate so far. Still this is a screening interview so hopefully I will pass muster and get the next one - although it better not be when I am on me holidays. No one comes between a crafte and her crafty holidays!!!

Off to fetch Cait in a min. Been sorting space out upstairs again today and the desk space is getting closer to being feasible - emptied another three cardboard boxes and sorted more stuff. Now I need to do three things at the same time and move desk to bedroom, clothes rack to Caits room and boxes to craft room...... sounds like a job for wonder woman!!!!!!

Had a day in London Wednesday - well few hours anyway - not very exciting but exhausting - was able to get an early train back so that was good as Cait didn't have to be at the childminders so late. She had an awful night so I was on adrenalin by about 10am!!! Bit annoyed I ended up on the later train - still saved £40 on the fare.

We are thinking of going to the grand designs show at the NEC - this could be the start of a new house for us! We have looked and looked but I think we have to face facts and just go for it on the building front whilst I still have a good salary and so on - hopefully it would be one we would move on from eventually but would be good experience.


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