Tuesday, September 19

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She says - so here I am - sorry Jane was busy having a life..............:-)

Well lets see, Friday was my Cait day so I don't get chance to do anything other than Cait stuff and boring appointments like the Nurse to tell me I am too fat and blood pressure too high (yeah right like I need to trog all the way to the Drs to find that out on a monthly basis). Saturday was the crafty Brum day - had a fabby time made LOADS of cards with my new mate Dolly. Can't get excited about BK bags - although it was funny watching them all drool over brown paper bags BK Barry was never so popular bless.

Sunday I had to make like an invisible thing (OH doing OU course) so went over to my friends new house over in Deeping St James. Gorgeous place they have self built and we had fun having an official tour, oohing and ahhhing over lovely things, then went bramble picking and got loads and loads of them. J and her SIL bought nearly £50 worth of my cards between them as well so it more than paid for my petrol although the 2 hour trek there nearly did me in followed by 1.5hrs home the sensible route!!!!

Monday was a bit of a nothing day - bits and bobs at home - answering about 2 emails and cross stiching my little plastic canvas snowman and finishing off the wedding order - I have run out of ribbon with 3 OOS to go - typical. So now have to wait for that to arrive......sometime this week hopefully otherwise Friday the ones I have done are off in the post without their maties with no ribbon. Good job it is a friend - but then she did order extra at the last minute.......Brides - tuh!

Today all I have done so far is feed Cait breakfast, wash up and ermmm surf - this working lark is getting a bit tedious. Shame I can't have Cait here as well - although I think we would go a bit stir crazy not going out.

Oh Yeah - Monday ventured to the allotment - that was BAAAAAAAAD. Spent an hour pulling weeds and clearing one small patch that now needs digging over and more bramble removal. Not sure what to plant next year - picked loads of mini toms and beans and also some sunflowers before they have to come down. I think I am going to do some herbs and more flowers next year. I love fresh flowers in the house and that might get me down there a bit more often.


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