Thursday, September 14

Back at work

Bit of a joke really as no real work to do! So so far I have been crafting, sorting out a friends wedding stationery, moving things around the house to try and establish some office space upstairs, sorted Caits clothes out (hopefully going to get her a wardrobe on Saturday) planning for a crafty day on Saturday (after IKEA) and also a crafty holiday I have in October which is really ramping up now.

I have to do project bags - was going to put a folding card in but decided this was too much cutting and faffing so now going to do a double up swap. I have to do 26 project bags so going to do 13 and then do the other thirteen identically with bits and bobs for making a card - so people make up the card then have to find their double. I am hoping it will be a bit of a conversation piece rather than just a straight project, and inspire a bit of crafty chit chat and inspiration as I think all of us have had a tough couple of years. 2 of the girls can't come as their hubbies have had strokes - and they are not even that old - so scary stuff. Another because her OH parents both have cancer and her child care is up the spout - as hubby is off on his Everest climb training!!!!

I have done some work papers sorting out and there is a bit more to do on that but everything is on hold really with the redundancy stuff so its a wait and see jobbie.

Miserable weather today though. Snoozy Suzie didn't wake up till 8 and I kind of woke her up as otherwise we wouldn;t have made it to the childminders in time for the school run so would have been dropping her off later which is a bit of a pain. Still she was in a good mood this morning and was laughing and smiling which is lovely. She keeps getting the giggles at the moment which is really cute!


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