Sunday, July 16

Ooooh big cake :-)

Been test running the cake making for Cait's christening cake and really enjoyed myself sorting it all out - Thanks Carolyn for the recipe :-).

It is sitting on the side now cooling off and I will take it out of its tin and put it on my cooler in a minute or so.

Been making some jewellery for fun too as I had a largish order (for me) to do and it all got a bit tedious so I kicked out and did some different ones with odd beads I had. Will get some photos done and upload a few.

Card making is taking a back seat at the moment but mainly as there isn't the room to do any - the craft room needs a sort again!!!



Kathy said...

So Rachel,
Have you taste-tested this cake yet? :-)

Rachel said...

errrr might have....I put on 1.5lb this week - whoops....