Friday, July 7

Cream Crackered

In more ways than one at the moment. Cait is teething her top 4 teeth all at once so I am up and down like a yoyo in the night sorting her out. She is starting to be very grown up now and is on her second pair of shoes - no sign of her walking on her own but her little obstinate, independant, cheeky personality is really coming out - got some great video of her eating peas and fishfingers today - lol.

Also on weight watchers and bread is a big no no so really suffering today - didn't really eat enough at lunch time which was 12 noon - and errr tea is 9 oclock - no wonder I am hungry!!!

But I lost 3lb this week so I am going to get a bit brigid Jones about it all I fear



Rachel said...

congrats on the weight loss Rachel - bread and cheese are my downfall. Im not following a diet plan but trying not to snack on "junk". Am feeling much better and am not out of breath when I climb the 2 floors of stairs to my bedroom. Keep up the good work x

Jane said...

oooh Gosh ! I remember new teeth !! eekk ! flushed cheeks and horrible nappies springs to mind ! All forgotten soon, I promise !! he he he