Monday, July 3

Red Dress

Another little piccie of Cait - this is one of my favourites. She is as usual mooching around trying to eat things she is not supposed to. She is having a long sleep this morning to catch up on the last two nights being up till ridiculous hours with teethy things coming through - at least two that I can see and I think another two are very close to breaking through as well.

I went up to my Sister's at the weekend and we had a lazyish sort of day - bobbed to Asda had a pootle round their clothes section for Cait and got a her a couple of pairs of trousers for £4 each. Dresses are cute but not practical when you are trying to crawl around. We then came home and she had a swim in the pool in the garden with Auntie Loolou and Mummy had a snooze on the sun lounger. She was so pooped after all that she went to sleep as they got her nappy on so we all just lounged around.

Today we were up and about early (had to wake Cait!!!) and into town for the Dr's and breakfast at our favourite greasy spoon - toast all round!!! She loves her toast this girl! She has started mmmmmm ing when she is eating - it's hysterical and means we can no longer sneak her things to eat in Church to keep her occupied as she makes too much noise eating!! Lol. Ah well.

I am busy planning her Christening at the moment and hoping that everyone we invite isn't going to come or we will be squished in the house for sure - either that or hope for good weather!!!

Haven't heard about our house offer yet - I don't think it will be accepted though - question is will we up it - do we want to? Not sure at the moment - too much uncertainty around my job at the moment.


Kathy said...

Now that is one cute pic!

Jane said...

Hiya Rach ! I read your blog heaps, its great. I love that picture ! what a lovely smile. gorgeous

Anita said...

aww she's gorgeous... I've had a play with this photo, hope dont mind :)

maggie said...

Aw Rachel Caitlin looks ssssooo cute in that dress she looks like butter wouldn't melt.She is growing so fast.