Wednesday, May 3

Lovely Day

But feeling really blurghghgh at the moment Cait and I have a coldy chest infection thingy and I am completely knackered with it and so is she - what a whingebag she is being!!!

We popped in to Stratford today to look at some Hondas as OH is getting his new co car soon - looks like we might be getting a CRV - not that I get to drive his car - lol.

Managed to get a quick look round the craft shop and got some papers and card for 12x12 scrapping of Cait which I really must get down to soon. GOt to finish Mums one for her Birthday yet - got everything ready to prnt off some piccies so that is tonights Job in between CSI. We are complete and utter CSI Junkies I think - we need to get out more.


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