Thursday, May 4

Cough Cough Hack Hack

Is what me and Cait are doing today/tonight. This is the most disgusting cold I have had in a while. Hot and Cold, Coughing and terrible Catarrah (aka very snotty!!!!) and poor Cait is the same bless her - we have both lost our voices and can only croak - she can't figure out what she is doing wrong!! lol.

The rest of the day was spent snoozing, trying to feed Cait and a walk in the park to see the ducks - but when we got there she'd gone to sleep! Oh and I started scraping the moss and weeds from the brick paving in out small back yard - boy am I glad its small I have done about 1/3 and that took ages and I now have RSI I am sure. I also massacred one of the bushes which was taking up valueable washing line space - I have room for an extra pair of Brigid Jones knickers now.

All in all not exciting at all.

Someone suggested putting your post code in to Google to see what comes up - supposedly loads of interesting things about your neighbours. Yeah right all I found out was No. 5 is getting a new front door - whoopdidoo!

Can you tell I am not feeling well - miserable aren't I :-)

See you all tomorrow.


1 comment:

Jane said...

Aaaw poor you and Cait ! I note you called it a cold - thats a female comment - men only get 'The Flu' you see ! Lol!