Tuesday, May 2

Back to normal

Well, today was pretty much back to normal after a bank holiday - off to play group in the am - although was late and when I got there Cait was asleep - typical. Still I got my gossip in! They are having an outing again on Wed and I will have to miss it as it is OH birthday - shame!! He has ordered a cake but just informed me we are out in the am and pm - so not sure when he expects me to make the thing!

We are off looking at cars as he has a new company one to order and I am trying to curtail his enthusiasm for an urban 4x4......the things are far too big and really not necessary but he sees this as his last chance etc etc. Ah well.

I have still to sell my little Peugeot - might have to try ebay - seemed to work for H on CBC. Will have to ask her advice. Car insurance is also due this month and it seems alot on the quote so might give them a call and see what they can do for me.


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Rachel said...

Hi Rachel

just thought Id drop you a line, now your in my "friends" list. How addictive is this blogging - and I love nosying in other peeps lives. I look forward to learning more about you and your life and seeing lots of cute piccies of Cait. Take care and have a good day love Rach xxx