Sunday, May 28

Growing like a weed

Well I know what this means now for sure - went down to the allotment for a few hours last Thurs and also today to attack the infestation of weeds that we had down there - they are taking over!!!!

My sister came with me this time with her cordless strimmer and that really helped just to get the mass down so you can get at the roots etc. But it is starting to look good. We have a water butt to set up and the piping for the shed so that will be a job for omorrow maybe - or maybe just some more digging and planting of the next batch of seeds. Not an awful lot of the last ones actually germinated but this lot will hopefully now its warmer (and wet!!)

Really feeling the effects of 2 hours solid work now so might have to gofor a bath to loosen up.

Managed a couple of hours in the craft room on Friday as well which was good - I have been accused of not using it enough!!!!!!!!! Well watch me go :-) he he he.

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