Tuesday, April 18

Crafty Catch up

Well, I have really being crafting some since I last blogged: I finished a little scrap book some friends got me with piccies of Cait (having finally sorted through them on the PC and backed them up after a scare the other week witht he PC shutting itself down for unknown reasons). I have also made quite a few cards with some new stamps and things I got.

The desire to craft buy has reared its head again and I managed a trip out to a small shop, a visit to Ally Pally the other weekend and also have ordered a couple of things on line. But the brakes will have to go on again until I am back at work I think - at least for the short term. Unless of course I sell something - but I just haven't been motivated to get around to doing that really. I have also reviewd my fotopic site and refreshed it and now have to load a few more new piccies up there.

I have a crafty meet coming up on 20th May - it seems ages away but it is not long as I have a weeks hols before then as well.

fotopic site is: http://speckledhen.fotopic.net/

My next mission is to learn to get piccies up here and maybe think about making this site a bit more interesting.


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