Saturday, February 6

Well a few weeks on and the snow is all gone and the bulbs are starting to poke through the remains of the grass and garden. Its exciting every year!!!!!

I am starting to feel more chirpy - there is more sunlight - every year I persuade myself it is unrelated and every year about this time I think no its definitely that I like sunlight for longer - I think it effects evry to some extent or other but as I get older it seems to get worse.

We had a nice day today - dancing this morning and I got a bit of knitting in (for a dancing cardi!!) then we came home, pottered about had some lunch and J phoned to say he wuld be back at 3pm at the station.....I had to decide Hobby Craft or Sainsburies!!!! So off we went and had a mooch around Hobby Craft!!! lol. One of these days I will try and find the craft shop that hides out in Coventry but when you are an SU demo you do loose sight a bit of what is in the market and the prices and such - people say SU is expensive but frankly seeing some of the tatt out there - I will say no more!!!!!!

We collected J and then went en masse for the Sainsburies run ready for another week.

I think we will pop over and see my sister tomorrow by train - Cait loves the train so that will keep her happy!


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