Monday, July 21


Life is just completely manic at the moment - no stopping and our spare room is like a merry go round with all the washing in between so nothing much is getting done.

John's Mum came to stop for a night before flying to Ireland - John drove down on Saturday and back Sunday for her to be woken 5.30 the Monday with her panicking as she had forgotten her passport!!! SO after much persuasion she went and had a cup of tea rather than going to stand on Hatton Station for 3 hours waiting fo rhte first train to London!!!! I was in London and J decided to drive down and get said pass port - so off we go driving. It took us 5 hours - i missed my meeting and liturally walked in the office and back out again which was annoying and J bless him drove a further 1hr or so to the house picked the passport up turned around and drove home - I actually beat him home on the train by about 10 minutes!!! So all in all a wasteful day and exceedingly frustrating in to boot.

We also now have a new PC so we are in the process of uploading email, files and favourites and dealing with the joys of Vista etc - so bear with us - I am really hoping normal service resumes soon.

M&D came Wednesday and left Sun as they had a wedding Sat and also looked after Cait for me Thur as my sister had gone off to York for a holiday and a ball - back to be bridesmaid on the Sat. Love seeing them, love having them here but glad when we get the house back to ourselves and things are where I left them five minutes ago!!! Just catching up with washing again though even that is pretty much all Mum did when she was here!! I am not sure where it all comes from!

Childminder is off for some surgery soon so got two weeks of Cait around - which will be a bit hair pulling when i am trying to work - Sis will look after her but its hard when everyone is int he house together - I get a bit claustrophobic about it all.

Have been also doing bits and bobs ont he garden and around teh house so it is very slow but things are being achieved - we just have to be patient - waiting on the architect coming back to us about possibilities with an extension.

Crafting - oh there has been a bit - plenty of invites for our summer BBQ and double birthday celebrations and a couple of SU things but could do with a few more if you are interested! I have also done some albums of scrap pages - yes whole albums - but all without pictures - find that much easier!!! How wierd is that - I think it is more like card making which makes it easier - not sure!

Camera wire was working but now we are on a new PC and got to resort out all the software and so on so it all takes time - got a lawn mower that needs fixing first!!!


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