Friday, March 7

House Scans

Well to give you an idea I have scanned bits in from the agents copy.
And yes all of that is our garden even beyond the fencing and the willow tree!!!



Michelle said...

Hi Rachel.. wow it looks lovely! i bet you cant wait to get moved in now!! fingers crossed for you.. i can't wait to invite myself for a visit either! lol

Stampingcaz said...


Stampin' Up! Gal said...

lucky you!!! We are lookin to buy a house but with living in London it is too much over priced!!!

Janice said...

That's a lovely house Rachel. A real family house, you'll have to have more babies now hee hee hee.

Cait is such a cutie,they are lovely at that age.

Rachel said...

No more babies sadly janice but we are Ok with that - we just have tomake the best with what we have and she is a real sweetheart - MOST of the time!!

There is no craft room as yet but I have my eye on an extension to the left as you look at the what is now the front of the house (where the garage is!)


Debbie said...

Oh Rachel, this is a dream house and you'll make it into a lovely home for your family.
(I can just picture you bodging on the patio while Cait plays under the Willow tree!)

Cardmaking Galore said...

Wow, its just my dream to live in the UK and have such a house! Prosit!

Dawn said...

Lovely house& such an amazing garden it is huge, your little girl will love it.

Ann Wills said...

What a super house. It looks like a real family home. Hope you will all be very happy there