Friday, September 7

Thanks Again

For all the comments. The pasta Machine I heard about through Joanne/angelnorth on CBC and as she had tried it and I had one sitting here that I had been given years ago I ordered the dies on the basis that the smaller ones would go in the tagalong anyway with some invention probably, and the larger ones well I could either sell on or get the flipping CB anyway then sell the tagalong - you see the justifications I go through for things.....

We just had a lovely Friday out - we went for Pizza at Pizza Express and took Cait with us as we always have and she is so good, but she had us in stitches tonight with her "more" and looking for the waitress when she finished the garlic bread and also the babychino, she pinched the cup handle between finger and thumb and stuck her little finger out to drink it!!! And then when the man behind us had a good honk in his hanky she was mesmorised and had to use the serviette to have a go herself. I was on the floor!!!!



Hazel said...

I'd love to have seen Cait at Pizza Express! Sounds as if you had a good time.

Ragged Roses said...

hello and thanks for visiting my blog! It's been lovely coming over to visit you too. Both my daughters use to devour garlic bread!
Ki mx