Monday, September 10

Craft Room

Well I have been spending some time culling and tidying in the craft room so thought I would take a couple of piccies. Not completely finished yet but this is of the Map chest, bookshelf on top and bookshelf to the right and it is a lot tidier than its been for a long time - although I have already messed it up and been doing some stuff on it - mainly UFO's that I have come across (unfinished objects) in my tidying.

Picture two below is the corner I haven't really tackled yet so it is a bit scruffy. I need to go through the white drawer contents and rationalise them and see if I can fit some more flowers in the flower drawer as at the moment I seem to have more out in a basket than in the actual drawer so I think some sort of storage is called for to keep things tidy. Will have a bash over the next week or so and see how much further I get. After that I need to tackle the map chest drawers and also the UMs which are just in the Archive box on the shelves to the right. Most are in folders in the box but I don't use them as much as I should so sorting and filing is required.

I love nosing at others rooms so now I have shown you mine you can show me yours - put a link in the comments if you have any bloggy piccies of your craft space!


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Dollydimps said...

The pasta machine embossing's fab Rachel! Love your Christmassy ones!
You've been busy with your craft room! There are some pics on my blog of mine, which I painted at the weekend....still needs some fine tuning though!