Sunday, April 8

How Cute??

Well we had a good day up at my sisters - they are completely nutty about Cait and she just gets spoilt rotten to be honest! She had so many pressies and had great fun collecting choccy eggs from round the garden with her special basket! Isn't this just a gorgeous piccie..... They have this wonderful gardne and it will be a real shame when they sell up - I think they are thinking of putting it on the market soon although one of them is only working supply at the moment (teaching) for a variety of reasons although I think it will do her good to have that head time out for a bit.

We had dinner out at Essington near where my sisters are (off Jct 11 on the M6) and we had a wonder around outside looking at bunnies and piggies and calves etc and this photo was one of my favourites from the outside ones. And then some inside with my Family.

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Linda said...

Fantastic photographs Rachel, Cait looks ike she had a fab time

Linda x