Saturday, March 17

Time on fast forward

Front Cover - topic is Creative Spirit

Second piccie is the Rules page - nothing too way out - just used one word per rule

Third page is my entry

Fourth is the signing out page with my tag

Fifth is the back of the book and reads - not un suprisingly - The End!

How did it get to Sat night so fast!!! Friday plodded by I was tired but managed to still get some work done. Am actually feeling better than I have in a long while - I think I am finally coming out of the 9 week virus zone! Cait slept for ages today so got alot done including sorting out the Garden, cleaning out the drains, lots of washing and drying and sorting, cleaning the kitchen and reoiling the work surface down one side - will hopefully get the other side done tomorrow which is another job that isn't nagging at me. Also cleaned the front door which was a bit mucky. Tempted to do windows but thought NAHHHH don't be too keen - ROFL.

Also finished two scrap pages which I will download soon (not tonight - gotta do piccies in good light. Also have my CJ back - but it is missing a signing in tag - so just trying to find that at the mo.

Piccies are the ones I took of my journal before it went off on it's travels - next batch will be the finished pages :-)

Nothing much planned for tomorrow - might treat myself to a day out somewhere - gotta be back for 3pm though as off to see a house - really quite excited :-)


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