Sunday, March 11

Busy Bee

I think my whole life is a week behind schedule at the moment!!! Hey ho ever onward. Cait is better after 3 days off - Mum came down the final day to look after her whilst I had a big meeting in Brum. Had to work Monday of my Holiday as a swapsie for one of the days she had off which is a pain but thats life. We eventually dropped Cait at M&D and escaped to Sheffield of all places - but we had a nice time managed some shopping some beauty treatments and some sleeping and lolling around which was the aim. Back with a vengeance and Cait won't let us out of her sight at the moment - really clingy but she is getting over it.

She does make me laugh - she spent over an hour yesterday playing with the pegs and peg bucket - so all her toys and she is playing with the pegs!!!

Been doing a bit of crafting in between everything else although not managed to sort out downloading the photos yet - more a case of got to locate the relevant leads.....

May not get a chance to blog again this week as a busy girl but we shall see


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