Monday, January 22

Well I got out

Ha ha ha - no not alot happened but I did START my CJ page that I had to do and this is now finished but it was a real effort as Mrs Mojo had gone walkabout. But I went back to stamping and sponging and generally got a more grungy look than the ladies at CBC are used to but I liked it in the end. I could probably have gone on adding to it but I thought stop while the going is good.

I HAVE to do some thank you cards for chrissy presents next so will get those done hopefully this week - need to write a list of who to send to first - I don't think there are many needing doing. Was hoping to get Cait to help but not sure I am up to that yet!!!

Been busy over the weekend - Thur M&D arrived to sit for Cait on Friday while I worked - not sure that works but OK for an emergency shall we say. John's on duty today although he's not even out of bed (and my office) yet! Well I am just not interfering and letting him get on with it. Cait is still asleep as well so goodness knows what she will get up to today after such a long sleep!

Off to work now and to oust my "lodgers" lol


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Rhi said...

Hope your Mojo comes back soon Rachel, and that you can get in your craft room too!