Tuesday, October 3

Need to smile

Jane - thank you for the Harry Story - you don't know how much I needed that this morning.

Overall today I am feeling Crap! Can I say that - I just did its MY blog so there.

I am peed off with Work - I actually want some work worth doing, I want to know where I stand with the redundancy stuff, I hate that Cait goes to the childminder when I sit here bored, I know she likes it and that is the only thing that stops me going to get her RIGHT NOW. I am finding things so hard at the moment - I don't think work realise how hard this is all making it for me. I am really not in a good place - am going to go now and do something to take my mind off things


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Lythan said...

Sorry to hear that life feels grim at the moment - hang on in there!