Monday, September 4


Thats what my blog is!! Been busy AGAIN and also had a bit of a holiday inbetween. My Birthday was 26th August and it was OK - we travelled down to see John's Mum and then went out in the evening for a meal in Greenwich. Nice to have some time to ourselves for a bit.

We stayed down there for a few days and went to Leeds Castle when we were down there - the most peculiar weather day - hot one minute windy and wet the next - weird.

We came home on the Wednesday and spent some time thinking about plans and such on Thursday - mapping out some plans for us over the next few years which was interesting as there is so much we want to do! I also had to make some decisions about my current job - whether to take redundancy or not and the impact that has on a number of things. FOr now I am taking the job but watch this space - lol.

Went down the road to a neighbours for a glass of wine or two the other evening - took Cait with us - they have two littlies - one is only 3 weeks old and so tiny - although scarily he is twice Caits weight when she came home never mind when she was born.

First day back at work officially today and was in London - so a long day for both me and Cait. Tried to go to bed early but I got bored - obviously my mind hasn't switched off yet but my body is really tired - nearly fell asleep on the way to work and on the way back - rofl.Still it wasn't too bad - a nice ease into things with lots of catch up reading to do to find out where everything is these days.


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