Thursday, August 3

Busy Bee

Been ding allsorts - Far to busy for anything much at the moment. Caits Christening is on Saturday and have been preparing the house for invasion by 40 people all of whom have to be fed so planning that like a military operation as well! Made the cake and it is in the freezer ready for icing Sat morning or maybe Friday afternoon if I am brave and organised!

Cait has her first childmindy time Friday afternoon so here I come to FREEDOM - for about 4 hours anyway!!! lol. Hoping to get most of the food shopping done and the last minute tidying up and hoovering and floor mopping etc. We need reasonable weather on Sat Afternoon as we really could do with the outside space for extra room!

Was down in London on Monday as my first official day back in work - to collect my notice of job under threat of redundancy! Nice one. All a bit strange but at the moment the best solution for me would be to find another job locally and take the money and run as they are offering me about £12,000 plus 3 months notice - all in all not bad really. The new job they have matched me to is a promotion (of significant proportions) but seemingly based in London which I will find impossible from here as the commute is just too long for me - physically too tiring even if they allow me flexibility on the start and finish times and some working from home. Apart from that I would have difficulties with childcare and I want to go part time in the longer run and I don't think that would be possible with this arrangement. Hey Ho - I am sure this one will come out in the wash - just have to wait and see. Would be a shame to lose the payoff though so lets hope it all goes to plan for me.

I do have a job app to do today as well - most of it is done bar the really difficult bit about what makes you think you are right for this job stuff. Thankfully they have a similar process to my current work place so it is not too freeform and alien to get my head round whilst Cait patters around getting into everything.

John is working near Heathrow at the mo and it means he is leaving home around 6.30 returning at 7.30 ish - so not alot of help with Cait or anything else for that matter. Made him go to bed early the last few days as he has been mostly comotosed on the sofa for the last couple of weeks.

Enough for now - I am putting off the inevitable I think


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Jane said...

I have a good feeling about you on the job front Rachel, can't put my finger on why - but I'm certain its all going to work out perfectly for you.

have a lovely Christening baby Cait !