Thursday, June 8

Wooooo hoooooooo

Am allowed back on the pooter for more than 5 minutes again now. OH has had an OU assignment and a work exam today which meant he has been a hog on here for the last week or so.

He actually did the night shift last night though - it was great I got nearly 8 hours straight sleep, fan-flippin-tastic!!! So I am full of the joys of SUMMER today :-)

I have been beading alot again - enthused by my friend stocking my stuff - so far she has sold - errr one key ring dangle!!! lol so on the back of that I have reinvested in some more beads - ROFL!!! NOT! I have also investigated the possibility of doing some markets but I am not sure what I would do with Cait. As it would be basically a min of 10 hour day childminding or nursery is Out of the question - it would need to be a combination I think - someone from around 6.30 who then takes her to Nursery for the rest of the day from around 9 ish. Still may look further into who could look after her. It would be fun if nothing else while the weather is good.


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