Monday, April 24

On the Allotment

Well we took over half an allotment last month and have slowly slowly been getting parts of it round. We now have almost completed a dig over of about 1/3 of it and have planted some stuff up. We still have one strip to dig in that section but not sure what we will plant there so we may just cover it to prevent more weeds before we need to use it.

As to the rest we have three beds prepared for veg and salad and I have planted up one of them with Beetroot, spring onions, lettuce, rocket, garlic and have some space for carrots as well but I need to get something to protect them form carrot fly before planting them up - need to get a move on with deciding how I am to do that as otherwise they will be very late indeed.

I have put some wigwams up too and planted out sweetpeas and peas and need to wait a month or so before beans can go out. I must admit today I can recall if I planted the last wigwam or not - whoops - oh well time will tell - rofl.

It is hard work and as the soil isn't that well worked it will be tough going for a while - the other two thirds of the allotment are also still under wraps and require complete dig through - oh my poor back and legs is all I can say. J is a bit useless on this front - he will dig but hates the weeding thing - so maybe when it comes to double digging, manuring and sharp sanding he may be a bit more use!

I think we may put some later crops in if we get some more areas dug, but physically I am not sure I could face doing the rest on my own at the moment - I feel a wreck!


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