Tuesday, July 23

A New Dawn A New Day A New Blog Promise

For the last few years blogging has not appeled - life has been stressful, hectic but still rewarding and I wouldn't have had it any different but the paths of myself, my life and my blogs didn't really cross.  But I have found myself of recent times writing blog posts in my head so thought its about time we started them up again and see how things go.  So while I am not promising photo filled, thrill seeking blog posts every day for the next millennium, I will be posting more regularly - even daily, and to start with just the everyday stuff that makes life interesting - so a bit of a diary and also some commentary on the world of today  I have had the blog such a long time it seems a shame not to continue so here I am back in the fray!

Yesterday started out overcast but warm - we checked the weather and saw it was due to keep heating up with a thunderstorm due around 2pm.  So my DD Cait and I decided to make the most of the morning and pop out to one of our local National Trust places for a romp in the gardens and a mooch in the bookshop for me.  Am loving the local secondhand bookshop fundraising that the NT do - not sure they do it at all sites but love the idea of ustilising what would otherwise be boring outbuildings into little nooks and crannies of bookshops often done on an honesty basis so no staffing needed.

We have 3 houses very near us (a few miles) and at least another 2 within 20 miles so we do get VFM for our family membership.   I like that there is a more entreprenuerial spirit at the sites now as there is more independence for the house managers for fundraising and events, I would still like to see an even more local focus in the shops.  It is mountains better than it used to be and they do have some nice product ranges but it is still an also ran in terms of setting the pace - so for e.g. I saw a really nice set of oilcloth bags and similar accessories with scarves, phone cases and the like - oh that would be inspired by Ms Kidston then.  BUT what would have made it for me was using patterns found in the houses of the NT or at least inspired by, but no, florals on beige and beige and white polka dots sigh.......

I took the camera and there are some nice piccies which will upload in a tick but loved the number of benches around the gardens at Baddesley Clinton and the new Veg Garden location complete with very professional scarecrows.  We accidentally found a geocache which was also great as could explain what that was to my daughter - would love to get a GPS to use for these and may think about it for my birthday, I think all of us would appreciate walks with a bit of purpose.  The more formal house walled house gardens are stunning at the moment and they are also looking for volunteers....wonder if you get free cuttings - lol.

Today we have had a huge thunder and rain storm this morning and hopefully at least half filled my water butt as it was decidedly empty having had to be repaired as well  - think it might be on its last legs though as it is split - what to do with a dead plastic waterbutt - any ideas???

List of tasks for today include closing my business bank account as they now wish to charge me for the pleasure - when I am constantly in credit and don't use nay other services- think we will just shut it up and use something else.  Renew Tax Credits which is done - always feels like it will be more painful than it is but as we are self employed it is still on estimates till all the different accounts and tax returns are done.

 This one amused Cait with the Monday to Sunday Pants. 
 A New Arbour in the Vegetable Garden.  Beautifully laid out and everything growing well despite the lack of rain over the last few weeks, lots of watering going on though.

 Queen Victoria was presiding over gardening proceedings so Cait stopped for a chat...

Caught in the more formal House Gardens - the butterflies loved this plant, any ideas what it is...

And finally a portrait in the new portrait facility with dress up clothes  replacing a very tired priest hole climbing unit that was  long over due.  Wish the backgrounds were darker so they show better.  Even with the stools they were also hung a little high for kids photos.  Still a bit of fun...


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