Saturday, August 29

No head space

For anything much with back to work after a holiday and lots of things to be catching up on - I had a class Thursday and no designs so they had to be done and then orders processed and distributed and a quick hop up to Dundee for work - that has to be the cutest smallest airport out. Made travel really easy - as does Birmingham being so close to home - so either end a commute of only 15 mins max from the airports to base camps. Took me longer to get out of the car park!!!

Other than that munchkin has been a bit bored this week but has gone to stay with Granny and Nandad this week - not missing me in the least judging by phone calls but wow what a break it is so far!!

I have been busy painting today and finished glossing and ceiling in her room which I have delayed due to time constraints and paint smells - stinking the house out tonight but it is all done and not as bad as I thought - just a stiff shoulder from rolling the ceiling.

Not sure what tomorrow will bring other than another lie in provided the neighbours keep the noise down (building works) and a bit of gardening when its not raining....

Maybe a garden shop as I need some more plants for pots/hanging baskets - nice little job :-)


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