Monday, July 27


Well after a couple of hours hanging around doing boring work reading jobs etc the car is now sorted for a total of £80. New Tyre and locking nuts and now am the proud owner of a locking nut key as well. It was as I thought frighteningly easy to get the thigns off, around 7 minutes and a large lump hammer......

So all in all - don't like spending the money but it could have been alot lot worse.

However, on leaving house with hubby this am, he was reversing and neighbour was reversing and neither saw the other... thankfully at such low speeds little damage was done....good job we know her well.... although I think she was a bit shaken.

My little car is booked in for a once over and an MOT on Mon pm so fingers crossed there are no issues although I may get the brakes looked at as i think they need something they don't feel right - they work but I think they need doing. Its never ending isn't it!


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