Wednesday, June 25

All sorts

Not licorice!!!

So many things going on at the moment everything just gets jiggled around on the list and nothing seems to drop off!

Cait is still not sleeping right so I end up being disturbed in the night and booted out so she has room with Daddy - I think in part as she misses him as he is working evenings at the moment so she doesn't see alot of him.

Work is still busy and July is horrendous so I am going ot have to seriously think about the various commitments I have.

My camera lead is not working - at least not reliably and I haven't had time to locate another one yet which is rather annoying as despite everything I have had a bit of time for card making and stamping and have photogrphed it just struggling to get it onto our slowly dying PC. Oh yes - did I not tell you that bit - we think we have mortal injuries so new hard disk is waiting although I have a feeling its the graphics card.........

Hey ho the sun is shining tho - if only for a while - speak soon


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