Monday, March 10

All Pink and Spotty

Well this is this weeks DCM Card - they are certainly stretching my boundaries at the moment - just managing to squeeze in under the line each time so am hoping to get my act in gear for Friday pretty quickly as I am off and away for a bit with work so won't be much cardmaking activity going on I don't think. Still I have a temp starting next week to take some of the load on one of the projects and although this will be tight in the next couple of weeks she will take some of the pressure off down the line hopefully. It however looks as though my trusty assistant is also leaving - so fill one gap and open another - ah well. I do LOVE recruiting - NOT.

So these are some of MEL's favourite things!! Felt and stiching with embroidery thread - I have had this felt for a while with this card idea sitting in there waiting to pop out - and here was its oportunity so off i went! Well could I find a suitable needle!! Yeah you guessed so this was done with a darning needle and much blue air frankly!


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Debbie said...

What a lovely little chick, Rachel!