Monday, August 13

Very Busy Girl

Whys that then - oh that will be cos I am on holiday!!! Lol But its fun busy so I don't mind. Cait is having a lazy lie in this morning I mean its 1/4 past 9 - so I can getting some PC time in. I am trying not to be on in the day as its not fair when she is around - so lunch I get a bi of time and evening when she is gone to bed. My to do list is longer than work but just going to try and get a few things done before she wakes and we get ready and have brekkie.

Done a bit of crafting and will photie and upload later - loving my new stamps from stampendous - little japanese doll type stamps - gorgeous - spend a teleconference call colouring them in - fab use of time - love it!!! Ha ha ha.

Right back to jobs and see ya all later

Oh yeah - business plan went in - financials need redoing but I don't think they need that yet so keep your fingers crossed girls.


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Hazel said...

Looking forward to seeing your photies - will return later. Hope you have a good holiday day and get some of the things done that you want to.