Sunday, May 6


Seems to be my permanent cry at the moment and despite a few nights good sleep I am STILL tired - will I ever not feel tired????

I need to find a way to squeeze some exercise into my life - which is going to be difficult to say the least but if I don't do something the old BP is going to get out of hand.

We have a new Camera too which is fun - it has so many "extras" I might even have to read the hand book for this one instead of pointing and shooting as with the old one.

There is a Canal Festival this weekend in Leamington - and I have to say it is the tattiest, least welcoming, most disorganised thing I have ever been to and that is saying something! Tucked away in the tatty end of town and could have been quite good....still it was nice to get out for a walk and that with Cait in tow - and she enjoyed herself running around.


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