Friday, March 30

Talking - or not

Poor Cait - she is not talking - she says No and Daddy and at a push Mummy but she communicates so well otherwise I let it go for a bit - I am not worried about it - she is bright and sociable but just not talking in any recognisable format at the moment so I spoke to the Health Visitor today and they are going to refer her for some speech therapy - luckily around here it looks like this is quite good with an 8 week wait only (only!) but they are suggesting sign or picture language which could be interesting!


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Dollydimps said...

I'm not totally up to date with Cait's age just now, but I wanted to add my tuppence worth! Both of my children were relatively "late" talkers (I'm sure they were about the 16 month mark) but what happened was that when they started to talk, they were off and running and talking in sentences right off (kinda wish they'd shut up now and again!). I don't want to be flippant, but I hope it's nothing to worry about, and that Cait's doing what my 2 did-waiting till she can make a proper job of it! xx